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Duckpin - This generously hopped pale ale is a strike in your mouth! Brewed with lots of Pacific Northwest & New Zealand hops this beer is ten frames of big citrus and tropical fruit aroma and flavor. A strong malt backbone rounds it out and makes this pale ale a delight for the senses. The pins may be small but the flavor is huge! In our town, we roll Duckpin—a true Baltimore original. 5.5% ABV


Balt - This German-style Altbier is our nod to an old world, old school ale. The word “Alt” is German for "old", and refers to the traditional style of brewing before lager yeast was discovered. Balt is a dark, copper colored brew with a creamy head, a gentle bitterness and a clean, dry finish. Prost, Hon! 5.6% ABV


Blackwing - A classic Schwarzbier with roasted caramel and chocolate with crisp and gentle hops for a clean ending.


Old Pro



IPA - The recipe was formulated with malt and hops working together to balance it all out on your ‘buds so you can knock back more than one without wearing yourself out. Big on the aroma with a hoppy-sweet finish that’ll leave you wantin’ another sip.

6.2% ABV

PILS - Our only Lager, brewed with loads of imported Saaz hops and a bottom-fermenting yeast strain that leaves it a bit lighter with a lot of smoothishness. 6.6% ABV


                                        Eastern Shore

Magic Hefeweizen - Hints of banana, clove and citrus all from yeast.

Duck Duck Goose: Porter

Knot So Pale Ale: IPA

Seasonal: TBD


80 Acre - The result of careful cultivation by our brewers to craft a hybrid yielded a bumper crop of flavor; a delightfully distinctive ale with the aroma of an IPA and the refreshing taste of a wheat beer.

ABV 5.5%


Tank 7 - A straw colored, light to medium bodied beer with a citrusy hop aroma and flavor, a soft, sweet malt flavor and a promine hop bitterness.

Double Wide IPA - An amber-brown, full-bodied beer with an intense floral, citrus hop aroma and pronounced hop bitterness and flavor, backed up by a strong caramel, toffee-like malt flavor.

Unfiltered Wheat -  A slightly cloudy, light bodied, straw colored beer with a prominent sweet, bready malt flavor and a low hop bitterness and a hint of citrus. 

                                             Heavy Seas


Loose Cannon -  Loose Canon wins people over at first smell - the carefully cultivated interplay of Simcoe, Palisade, and Centennial creates a most fragrant IPA. 


Small Craft Warning - Small Craft exemplifies a robust pilsner—it’s crisp, well-carbonated, and slightly sweet. 7.0% ABV

Great Pumpkin - Imperial pumpkin ale, richly flavored, BIG beer made with real pumpkins in the mash and just the right balance of spice. 

Peg Leg  Stout - Its smell is dominated by notes of roasted coffee beans, with a slight hint of chocolate, but Simcoe and Fuggles hops add complexity to the aroma. 8.0 ABV


                                                       Port City

Optimal Wit - Optimal Wit is brewed in the Belgian Wit Bier tradition. It is brewed with raw wheat and oats, and steeped with coriander, orange peel and grains of paradise. This ale is a pale golden color with a bit of cloudy haze from natural yeast in the bottle. 5.0% ABV. 

Porter - This beer shows bittersweet flavors of coffee and dark chocolate, with a very complex malt character enhanced by yeast fruitiness.

                                  Yards Brewing Company

Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale - This ale is a golden ale with dried fruits and toffee aromas inspired by Jefferson’s original recipe that called for wheat, honey, and rye from his Virginia estate, Monticello.

Philly Pale Ale - Philadelphia Pale Ale earned Philadelphia magazine’s Best of Philly 2012 - Best Local Beer.  Philadelphia Pale Ale is crisp and hoppy, bursting with citrus flavors and aromas.  4.6% ABV. 

Flying Dog

Firkin (The Fear) - Brewed with a local pumpkin puree and secret blend of spices.  Think pumpkin pie.

Dogtoberfest Marzen - Brewed with 100% German ingredients, it will cut spice while pulling out sweetness.Full-bodied caramel sweet with a light toasted and crisp, clean finish.   5.6% ABV; 30 IBU. 

Roggen - This traditional German Roggenbier has strong notes of toasted bread and spice with hints of banana and clove.  5.7%  ABV; 20 IBU. 


The Truth -  The Truth’s sharp hop bitterness begins with pine on the nose and evolves into bright citrus flavors.  8.7% ABV; 120 IBU

Raging Bitch - Belgian-style IPA; flavor notes:  sweet malt body contrasted with pine and grapefruit hop flavors and exotic fruit yeast notes.


The Raven Special Lager - Smooth, malty, well-balanced Southern German Lager.  “The taste is poetic.”  5.3% ABV.

Tell Tale Heart IPA - Citrusy, fruity, full of flavor; very drinkable and it “never skips a beat.”  50 IBU, 7.3% ABV.

The Cask - Malty, smooth, slight taste of alcohol; a world-class double bock.  8.0% ABV.

Pendulum Pils - Crisp, clean Pils, “A cut above the rest;” 22 IBU, 4.3% ABV

Fordham and Dominion Brewing Company

Dominion Double D - Double D is a full-bodied Imperial India Pale Ale that flaunts sultry guava, mango and tropical fruit aromas, as a result of dry hopping with Citra and Simcoe hops. Brewed with light toasted malts and Bravo bittering hops, this double delights with smooth warming alcohols and a torrid finish. A daring draft, she is available for a limited duration; 9% alc/vol; 90 IBUS

Dominion Octoberfest - Our Autumn Seasonal beer is a traditional Maerzen style lager. We use eight types of imported German malts and three hop varieties to create this amber-colored fest beer; 5.9% ABV

Fordham Spiced Harvest Ale - Our Fall Seasonal is light amber in color w/ a medium body , spiced w/ cinnamon, clove, ginger, and allspice. ABV 6.6% IBU 18

Rams Head IPA - Rams Head IPA is an aggressively hopped, West Coast style India Pale Ale. This beer contains Pale, Munich and Rye malts, as well as Bravo, Chinook and Motueka hops.  This medium-bodied, golden ale has lemon-lime citrus notes and a dry finish. ABV 7.5% IBU 75


471 - This Imperial IPA pours as a clear, orangey color with a creamy, eggshell white, moderate head; it has a good lasting ability and some sporadic lace. Aroma sweet from the tangerine, light orange peel, light pine, dank, wisps of alcohol, and faint notes of biscuits. Flavor is similar with its tangerine, grassy notes, light pine resins, light white grapefruit peel, and a sweet bread note. Palate is medium, lively, and balanced between oily, dry, and crisp and lingering tangerine notes.


Vanilla Porter - Who would have thought deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea and Madagascar grew the perfect ingredient to build an extraordinary Porter in Colorado? An ale that has all the chocolate and roasted nut flavor of a classic Porter, with an enigmatic surprise thrown in for good measure, real vanilla bean. Breckenridge Brewery's Vanilla Porter. A vanilla kiss in a rich, dark sea.


OKTO- Loosen your lederhosen. Our full bodied OKTO festival ale is inspired by Bavarian Oktoberfest. And we pay fitting tribute with its distinctive malt flavors, mild floral character and crisp, clean finish. Prost! To the land of Prost!

Nelson Imperial IPA - 8.6% ABV. The unique flavor stems in part from Nelson Sauvin hops with an intense citrus, fruity, berry-like character. The malt backbone muscles up enough malty sweetness and caramel character to spot the incredibly robust hop aroma and flavor.

Pitch Black IPA - 6.5% ABV. Pours a dark black color. Peppery and spicy hop aromas carry to the flavor profile, with a malty caramel toastiness. A strong bitterness helps to define this beer's character. Smooth.

Alchemy Ale – Alchemy hops are a blend of CHOICE Hops from the pacific northwest, hand selected by our brewers each year. This secret blend is the backbone of our beers and the magic behind Alchemy Ale. 5.8% ABV and 40 IBU. Rich and malty with hints of caramel and distinct hop character.

Rotator IPL (India Pale Lager)- We’re turning things deliciously upside down with an aggressively hopped, cold-fermented brew that brings together the crisp finish of a lager with the hoppy aroma and character of an IPA. Prost! To turning convention on its head. 6.7% ABV, 50 IBU.


  Sierra Nevada  -       Will not be able to attend

Pale Ale - Its unique piney and grapefruit aromas from the use of whole-cone American hops have fascinated beer drinkers for decades. 5.6% ABV.  

Flipside Red IPA -  A ruby red hued IPA with notes of tropical fruit and bold hop flavors and aroma’s.  The nice malt body in this brand new beer is the perfect balance to the Citra, Simcoe & Centennial hops the beer features and is the perfect beer for the final flash of summer. 6.2% ABV.

Belgian-Style Black IPA - This beguiling black IPA takes a tropical detour with a dose of new world hops, featuring lemony Sorachi Ace and fruity Nelson Sauvin varieties.  A Belgian yeast works with the exotic hop profile, emphasizing its complex flavors.

Ovila Saison with Mandarin - An homage to monks’ noble work, this unique, blonde farmhouse ale is light in color, but deceptively complex.  With notes of lemon, pepper, grass and herbs, balanced by the tang of abbey-grown Mandarin orange and a spicy kick of white pepper, this saison is full of flavor. 7.5% ABV

Goose Island 

Matilda (Belgian-style Pale Ale – 7% ABV): Wild in character, with a slightly fruity aroma and a spicy yeast flavor that is as unique as it is satisfying – Matilda is an intriguing choice for beer and wine lovers alike. Dry and quenching, it’s the perfect accompaniment at the dining table or for casually socializing at the bar.

India Pale Ale (English-style IPA – 5.9% ABV): Our India Pale Ale recalls a time when ales shipped from England to India were highly hopped to preserve their distinct taste during the long journey. The result is a hop lover’s dream with a fruity aroma, set off by a dry malt middle, and long hop finish.

 Harvest Ale (Extra Special Bitter – 5.7% ABV): Brewed in honor of the Harvest season this copper colored ESB is made with Cascade hops and the richest Midwestern malts. A fruity American hop aroma and a toasty malt character make Goose Island Harvest Ale an extra special beer worthy of your devotion.

Starr Hill 

Northern Lights - Characterized by its full-flavored bitterness and poignant citrus-floral aroma, a perfect blend of barley and hops make this a very balanced IPA. 6.5% ABV

Boxcar - Boxcarr Pumpkin Porter is a traditional English-style Brown Porter with pumpkin added to the mash. Light spicing allows the subtle flavors of pumpkin and roasty porter to shine through. Boxcar is a session beer. 
4.7% ABV

                                              New Belgium 

Shift Pale Lager - Think American pale ale meets American lager.  It’s easy to drink:  crisp and congratulatory.  5% ABU, 29-IBU.                                                    

Fat Tire Amber Ale - The beauty lies with its sense of balance:  malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness.  5.2% ABV, 18-IBU

Ranger IPA - This clear amber beauty bursts at the starting gate with an abundance of hops: Cascade (citrus), Chinook (floral/citrus), and Simcoe (fruity) lead off the beer, with Cascade added again for an intense dry hop finish.  6.5%ABV, 70-IB


Lot 3 IPA - This American style IPA is aggressively hopped at a rate of over 2 lbs. per barrel. Big notes of citrus and pine complement a reserved but firm malt backbone. 65 IBU 6.8 % ABV

Rise Up Sout - A caribbean style stout, synonymous with strong full bodied stouts, infused with coffee. Ours is rich and dark with a toasted brown head, well balanced, roasty and full flavored. Cold steeping with organic coffee from local shop Rise Up Coffee imports a generous but lanced coffee nose and flavor. 40 IBU 6.7% ABV

Exile ESB - Inspired by the pale ales of England, this beer is light amber in color, assertively hopped but well balanced. Fruity and aromatic, generously dry hopped with Cascades and East Kent Goldings  48 IBU 5.9 ABV

Jacques Au Lantern - Our fall seasonal is an unfiltered amber ale brewed with pumpkin and spices. We add roasted pumpkin to the mash and traditional pumpkin pie spices to the kettle, and then ferment with a Belgian yeast strain.  20 IBU 6.3% ABV
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                                        Blue Mountain

Full Nelson Pale Ale:  Bursting with local hop flavor, our flagship Virginia Pale Ale features our own farm-grown Cascade variety hops as one of the key ingredients. A strong malt backbone gives this ale a rich taste and vibrant copper color, while the generous addition of hops contribute a pronounced bitterness and floral, citrus aroma.
Kolsch 151: A light German-style ale indigenous to Cologne. This ale is treated like a lager, undergoing extensive cold aging to produce a clean, crisp beer. German Pilsen and Vienna malts and Hallertau region hops lend a balanced flavor to our lightest beer.